Fresh Methi (Green), 250 g



Fresh Methi


Methi leaves are a very popular ingredient in Indian dishes that has a bitter taste and strong aroma.
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Storage and Uses

Wrap them in paper and refrigerate for upto 5 days. For long term storage, soak the leaves in a bowl of salt water for 10 minutes. Dry them on a kitchen towel. Saute them on medium flame with a tablespoon of oil to completely absorb moisture. Once cooled, store them in an air tight container and freeze.
Used in dal, curries, parathas and rice. Fresh green methi leaves are added to salads and soups and can also be roasted to release the flavour from the leaves so it can spread on to the dish of your choice!
Other Product Info


Methi leaves reduce inflammation inside the body. They are effective in promoting milk flow for breast feeding.
They help with eating disorders. Reduce blemishes/stubborn skin marks and they are natural mouth freshners.
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